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Single burger press

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For stuffed burgers, place a small amount of meat in the mold and press it.

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First, one presses thin patties on both sides of the press. The cylinder is set at the correct depth and filled with meat. Those who have had problems with burgers that fall apart on the grill know the value of a good burger press. Some presses allow the user to set the thickness and others make sliders, or mini-burgers. Add the filling and more meat on top and press again.

How To Buy eBay makes easy it to find any kind of burger press. On the other hand, it greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to press a large number of patties. Then refine the search by price, brand, or other search criteria.

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The only difference is the Sagaform sports a classy black base and black handle while the Norpro press is all gray with a wooden handle. This handy plastic gadget has a white cylindrical base with a clear plastic cylinder around it. Then one places the filling on one side of the press and folds the press over so that the two meat patties seal the filling inside. Like the Norpro press, it creates grill lines in the patty for an authentic barbecue look even when fried. By buying some wax paper discs as well, you can stock the freezer for days when a quick meal is in order.

Upon releasing the lever, the device lifts up the platform on which the patty rests, for easy removal. The Norpro stuffed burger press achieves this with three easy steps. The press also includes a smaller slider mold. Stuffed burgers have sauce, cheese, or vegetables in the middle of the meat.

The press consists of a round shaped mold, which presses the meat into the mold. Look for listings with award icons to do business with eBay's Top-rated sellers. One distinctive feature of this Weston press is that the base of the press has no sides.

One presses the meat simply by inverting the press onto a flat surface like a cutting board. This press works best with wax paper to avoid meat from sticking.