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Single blog berlin hamburg

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There has been huge variability in results even from the same stove, and it was a puzzle to find out why. Rocken am Brocken The name Rocken am Brocken might give you the wrong impression of this German festival. All you have to do is tag a friend under this facebook-post.

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Still this festival has been taking place since and therefore it is one of the older German festivals in this list. But a growing body of science shows how inhalation of minuscule particles from wood fires can nestle in the folds of lung tissue and do harm to the human immune system. Just like all the editions on Rügen, the nature is still a very important factor for the organisation.

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Arsenic and lead were found in the air of suburbs of the Greek capital Athens, suggesting that people were burning construction waste and old painted wood. Germany were playing South Korea in their do or die match. This is a bit more than most other festivals in this article, especially because no camping is included. Greenwood Festival All of these German festivals in this list are worth a visit, but some of them can be quite hard to reach if you arrive in Berlin by train or plane.

This can be a negative thing if you like camping, but it can also be nice if you like to sleep in a solid bed and have a normal breakfast. You have to experience it for yourself. Now we had established that the extra particle pollution from wood-burning was six times greater than the particle pollution that the low emission zone had saved. Besides plenty of green you will be able to see bunkers and many other historical spots on this new location of the Her Damit Festival.

Already, research shows that fires can directly affect lung health. Any unusual weather event will nonetheless be attributed by them to global warming after the event. Most of them are more than km away and if you do not have a car it can take several hours to get there.

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