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Actively focused on the stage directed by Mr. Later, however, he would learn from Akemi that she had apparently entered into a contract with a creature called Kyuubey, and became a Puella Magi. However, in doing so, they also combat monsters known as Witches, who, like Phantoms, are also born of dark emotions. Likewise, the White Wizard shows nothing but great respect for Sakurai, even stating that he may outshine his predecesor Haruto Soma. But nothing can be said at the present stage.

He had thought nothing of it at first, believing she was just exhausted, but as time progressed, her condition worsened. He tends to carry a black guitar case wherever he goes, due to his status as a drifter.

That said, he tends to stay out of her business, feeling it would be rude to do so. Johnny now is the president and Mr. He wants to save her from becoming a Puella Magi, but feels that it is not his place to pry into her matters, though he later informs her the risks of making a contract with an Incubator. Homura is very distrusting of him at first, given that he is working with an Incubator, and Sakurai distances himself from her, likely because she is a counterpart of his world's Akemi Homura.

Was the Sakurai Sho and Horikita Maki Dating Rumor a Fake?

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They said that maybe after Sho getting married, he will leave Johnny's Entertainment and focus on his career as a newscaster. Sakurai, however, afraid and confused, initially rejected it. Well, now is a hard time for Sho. In other news, I read that Sho has celebrated her birthday at an expensive hotel. Sakurai described her as a bundle of nerves and something of a bunny rabbit, in that she got very sad whenever she felt lonely.

Regardless, both admire each other greatly. Morita Go, who married with Miyazawa Rie. Likewise, Homura criticizes him for his hypocritical actions, in that he could have saved Madoka before Mami did. He later becomes a source of emotional strength for Mami later on, after she learns the truth about the Puella Magi.

It seems on mass media the relationship of Sakurai Sho and Ogawa Ayaka is starting to get hot again. He even admitted to having a crush on her at one point, much to Madoka's embarrassment. Below, he wears dark red jeans and black boots with silver straps. From the time of entering in office Takizawa received the trust and favoritism of Mr.

Sakurai Sho reported to be dating announcer Ogawa Ayaka

Also Sakurai himself, It is said that he shows the intention to go out even all days. There is a conclusion that they are already dating for about one year. On the contrary, serious relationship with active female college student is only minusand a bad image for caster. This is partially from his past with the Akemi Homura of his world, where he had failed to save her, and has not forgiven himself since.

Wizel Schnee Despite having met for only a short amount of time, Sakurai and Wizel share a mutual respect for one another, having the same goal in wanting to save others from falling into despair. Inui is often exasperated by Sakurai's antics and motivations behind his actions, but knows he means well.

Johnny was highly appreciating the capabilities of Iijima manager. Personality Sakurai is a very hard person to get a read on.

From that day forward, the girl known as Akemi Homura would be called Akemi Sho. Mary the vice president, and at this point Mr.

Relationships Akemi Homura Sakurai and Homura have a rather complicated relationship at best. In his past time, Sakurai likes to play his guitar, dating app francais and make new magic rings.

Was a battle overwhelmed to Mr. It is implied that Mami develops a crush on him as the story progresses. It is unknown what happened afterwards, as Sakurai refuses to elaborate any further on the matter.

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However, when revealed to be the Kamen Rider known as Wizard, he is shown to be flamboyant in his movements, yet also confident. But still I didn't know is that true or not. It was why he had chosen to let Mami protect her during her first encounter with a Witch, rather than go in to save her.

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They both have a great background, so I think they perfect for each other. Fans criticism over Sakurai The popularity of the storm has been declining due to members are involved in passionate love and cheating. Unfortunately, at an unknown point in time, he had noticed that Akemi had begun to grow burdened by her ordeals. Sakurai had taken her in for reasons unknown to even himself.

They get along extremely well, especially since they share the same passion for glazed donuts. History Sakurai Sho was born in one of the many worlds of the Puella Magi universe.

What is the relationship between you two? She comes from a world different from Madoka's and Sakurai's, where she had made a contract with the Incubator Inui.

Lying lopsided around his waist is the WizarDriver in it's inactive form, with the hand in the form of a belt buckle. It was later revealed by Makiko that, originally, Sakurai was hesitant to take up the name of Kamen Rider, and the only reason he accepted it was to protect Akemi. Sakurai, likewise, usually visits her for tea and snacks.

For reasons unknown to even himself, Sakurai took her in, and tried to look after them. He is also very concerned about her wellbeing as well, having chosen to become a Kamen Rider in order to look after her.

Because Sho is famous with his strict guard can be reported like this much. In other words, Ogawa left Hodo Station due her relationship with Sakurai.

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