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It is just like in the old classic books and reading this book feels like reading an old gothic fairy tale. This book contains everything a good gothic fairy tale needs. Charity, her sister is much weaker, but she is willed to help Mercy however she can because she is fed up with the winter and their empty life. Just because a book is listed on Bookshelves, does not mean it is available through the Review Team. Bookshelves is a free tool to track books you have read and want to read.

It is a great way to discover new books to read. Mercy is a strong and determined character. But the flower reminded her of January past, when the pond was skirted with crowds of snowdrops.

Century - Sarah Singleton ~ Once Upon a Book

They are all listed below, ordered by post count. Publisher Century was published by Pocket Books. The Verga family ar Mercy and Charity live with their father Trajan in their old dark mansion Century. But while Charity doesn't really care, Mercy sees mysterious ghosts of their past. She hadn't found any snowdrops but she now knew that the pond held a secret of its own.

The Verga family are special, they are different. Her decisions are difficult to make and her path full of twists and turns. Each member of the member has special abilities and skills and once, long ago a member used his abilities in a wrong way and destroyed everything. Trajan is a rather calm character with lots of secrets, but he loves his girls. She is humorous and generally an easy character while Mercy is complicated and more of a dark and thoughtful person.

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This book is extremely well written, the story well developed and balanced between fantasy elements and more real facts, the characters charming and the atmosphere pleasant. Their house remains shrouded in perpetual winter, each day unfolding exactly the same as the last. Then, we learn about their past and the terrible events that took place years ago and changed their destinies forever. The plot progresses in a thrilling, though not very fast way that gives creepes, Mercy reveals more and more secrets and understands who the ghosts are and why she sees them. The write style is very fluent and gloomy.

So long, long ago, in the spring that never returned, when the pond was a cool green jewel, floating with the ghostly jelly of frogspawn. She is suspicious and analyzing and yet emotional. Unless most fantasy books though, the ghosts of Century are not playing an active part in the plot. You can also use it to discover new books to read and learn more about books.

One cool thing you can do with Bookshelves is see which other members have read or want to read a certain book. Mercy is an extraordinary girl. The manor seems truly real and the beginning could first appear to be of a historical novel were it not for the ghosts Mercy sees. It is Claudius who reveals a dark secret to her that changes Mercy's whole life, shatters the illusion of life that she is living in.

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